New Job With Lucas Arts

Well I’ve left Austin and moved to San Francisco to work for LucasArts as a Systems Designer. I loved living in Austin and I’m sorry to have to say goodbye to all my friends here but unforunately with all the lay-offs that have been taking place recently, the job market is very competitive and there are just more opportunities available out on the west coast. Wish me luck!

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Hero Design Challenge Winner

So a few weeks back, I entered into a game design challenge on a website to design the next big video game hero. Not thinking about it again until recently, I went back to check and I had won! Go to their website to find out more details about the competition and to read all about my hero.

“Like the stories of Moses and Superman, the story of Jurai starts out with the birth of a very special boy who should have been killed, along with many of his people, but instead was sent away secretly and raised in a foreign place by a stranger. Jurai is a survivor of an attempt at race annihilation (note that James Crow’s “Akiuta” submission plays on a similar storyline, too), and it is his destiny to save or avenge his people.

This is an all-too familiar story, but one that’s so classic, it has the stamina to be told again and again.” – (

Read the results…

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Midway Project Cancelled

Well it was a lot of fun while it lasted but unfortunately Midway pulled the plug on the project we were working on. I had a great time and really enjoyed working with everyone and hope to see you all again on future projects.

Read the full story…

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Contraption Complete!

ContraptionIt’s finally finished! Our game is complete and I could not have been happier with the way everything turned out. Of course there are always features that you wish you could have put in at the last moment but overall, the game plays very well. Go to the official website to check it out and download the final version of the game!

Tink! Bang! Clank! A ball races through an amazing machine built from a variety of simple parts. You, the player, have meticulously assembled this machine to get the ball to its final destination. Now you can stand back and watch your handiwork as all the pieces fall into place. Will it make it all the way to the end? Watch and see!

Contraption is a fully-3D, physics-based puzzle game that uses Ageia PhysX and OpenGL. In each stage, the player will be expected to complete partial machines or build a machine to move the ball to the goal. As the levels increase in difficulty, the player will be exposed to new, different parts that they will be expected to use to complete the level. In the most difficult levels, the player might be required to use parts in complex combinations or unusual ways in order to progress.

Contraption Official Website

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