Hammer & Chisel

Sledgehammer Games

Lucas Arts

Midway Games

Zeitgeist Games

ben retan on moby games


League of War: Mercenaries

  • Mobile game design for iOS/Android
  • Ability design for units
  • Unity C# Programming


Hammer & Chisel

Fates Forever

  • Designing contestants and their abilities
  • Balancing overall game difficulty and scaling
  • Organizing and improving item shop
  • Improving jungle and neutral creeps
  • Creating new avenues for monitization

Sledgehammer Games

Advanced Warfare

  • Design and implementation of multiplayer features
  • Heavy emphasis on scripting gameplay elements

Lucas Arts

Star Wars: First Assault

  • Balancing weapon range, damage, functionality
  • Tuning controls for aim assistance on console controllers
  • Writing Unreal Script and native code to support player locomotion
  • Setting move speed and determining navigation metrics
  • Contributing to weapons and firing systems design and engineering
  • Developing training to teach design concepts and technical skills


Star Wars: 1313

  • Worked to develop camera, cover and locomotion systems
  • Rapidly iterated on early gameplay prototypes
  • Part of team during concepting and prototyping phases

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 (360 and PS3)


  • Designed boss fights including the Gorog, Spider Terror Walker and Jedi Leia
  • Developed AI behavior trees and fight controllers for bosses
  • Tuned timing and damage on all attacks
  • Developed tactics for fight completion
  • Handled fight staging and progression
  • Reacted to focus test feedback and worked to make the gameplay fun and accessible
  • Collaborated extensively with animation department to create hundreds of assets
  • Worked on additional encounters for DLC on XBLA and PSN

Gorog Boss Fight

Spider Terror Walker

Jedi Leia


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sith Edition (360 and PS3)

  • Designed and scripting boss fight encounters including Boba Fett and Obi Wan
  • Scripted environmental interactions using LUA
  • Built spaces using LucasArts’ proprietary Ronin/Zeno engine
  • Developed enemy AI archetypes and tuned combat parameters

Boba Fett/Obi Wan

Lucidity (XBOX Live Arcade)

Lucidity Box Art

  • Constructed levels and placed enemies and rewards in the levels
  • Tuned and adjusted levels based on team feedback

Midway Games


Criminal (Unreleased) (Xbox 360 and PS3)

  • Built levels and scripted missions using the Unreal 3 Engine
  • Designed compelling encounters that were both challenging and rewarding

Zeitgeist Games

Six Flags Fun Park (Nintendo DS)

  • Programmed 11 carnival themed mini-games
  • Implemented gameplay according to design
  • Collaborated remotely with artists, designers and producers based in Salt Lake City and LA to complete work on time and to spec