Promotion – Lead Encounter Designer

I was recently promoted to Lead Encounter Designer for our team. The responsibilities of which entail working with the mission design and world design leads to create compelling combat experiences.

This means taking a step back from the creation of individual behaviors and behavior trees and more focus on the emotional impact of a combat encounter including the staging and progression.

We are doing some really interesting work and have amazing AI systems. In particular, I am very excited about our systems that allow us to create co-ordination between different entities.

I can’t share details but here is a list of some of the systems that we can use to create such encounters:

  • Blackboards – Allow us to store individual values specific a specific entity, an abstract system or even globally
  • Perception – Creates a sequence of emitters and detectors that broadcast and register for events
  • Reactions and Hit Reactions – Define a set of rules with preconditions and priority for how to respond to different events
  • Behavior Trees – Define how individual units respond to a series of conditions and actions, but can also be used in abstract systems to determine behavior for groups of units

On top of these basic systems, we are creating our own propitiatory systems that can communicate between each of these as well as objects within the world through scripted interactions.

Our AI engineering team is best of class and they’ve been working on these tools since the release of Mafia III, so there’s been a lot of careful thought put into the process.

Can’t wait to be able to share more!

About Ben Retan

I'm a designer/developer/musician and my life revolves around music and technology. I spend most of my time playing guitar, working on games, or recording music. In what little free time I have outside of that, I like to act and sing whenever I get the chance.
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