Contraption Complete!

ContraptionIt’s finally finished! Our game is complete and I could not have been happier with the way everything turned out. Of course there are always features that you wish you could have put in at the last moment but overall, the game plays very well. Go to the official website to check it out and download the final version of the game!

Tink! Bang! Clank! A ball races through an amazing machine built from a variety of simple parts. You, the player, have meticulously assembled this machine to get the ball to its final destination. Now you can stand back and watch your handiwork as all the pieces fall into place. Will it make it all the way to the end? Watch and see!

Contraption is a fully-3D, physics-based puzzle game that uses Ageia PhysX and OpenGL. In each stage, the player will be expected to complete partial machines or build a machine to move the ball to the goal. As the levels increase in difficulty, the player will be exposed to new, different parts that they will be expected to use to complete the level. In the most difficult levels, the player might be required to use parts in complex combinations or unusual ways in order to progress.

Contraption Official Website

About Ben Retan

I'm a designer/developer/musician and my life revolves around music and technology. I spend most of my time playing guitar, working on games, or recording music. In what little free time I have outside of that, I like to act and sing whenever I get the chance.
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